10-11 Silver City! 61 miles

Up up an away we go! We began our ride to Silver city pretty early today. Miles crank bearings have started to go out on him the last few days so we got lucky with being able to make it into town. We got riding by 830 which was pretty awesome it did not get to cold last night so made for a easy morning to get up and movin

Jâoa an I were the last to leave camp having to fill up on water an we are the only ones that make hot breakfast in the morning so takes an extra 20 or so.

We had about 7000ft of climbing in total to do which is a big day an it was pretty sweet that John, Jâoa, Miles and I all rode together for most of the day. Riding with people an share stories as well as intrest an knowledge is always great an makes the days truely enjoyable.

The terrain was very mountainous today with lots of switchbacks up and down.

Mostly forested as well with the trees varying from little small ones to larger oaks which is a new addition to the trees. Seeing a oak tree an then cactuses in the same day is a wild concept an shows how diverse New Mexico is.

I encountered a little tarantula today which was sweet, minus it happend to be after I got down the bottom of a small mountain an noticed my gps bounced off at some point in the decent, so had to ride back up the mile to recover it. The views were endless today as usual, with the rolling hills forested an large rock faces at points it made for an epic ride today.

Once we got about 20miles from Silver City the route was paved road so it made it nice an sweet for riding. We stopped at a small store in Roberts Lake that had cold pop an ice water. The lady working was super nice but kind of wierd like she could be hippmatized

The rest of the ride was pretty good an we cruzed on in. The last 8 miles into town were down hill giving us a amazing view of the town once droppin in. Once in town we went straight to get some food an a beer. Bob an Karey were already at the pub an just got food at the table when we arrived. I ate way to much having halfpound burger, mozzarella sticks, fries, a giant bowl of ice cream with a brownie and 3 beers I was about to explode. We then called it a night an got a hotel to stay in as well as for tomorrow planning a day off.


10-14 Mexico here we come!! 45 miles

Today was our final day riding on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. We started the ride with two other of our great friends Peter and Dan whom finished there portions of rideing early on. In that time we met many other riders an shared many great experiences an laughs along the way. We finished our ride with 2 New an great friends that we met along the way, camped an rode with hundreds of miles. John, Jâoa, Miles an I finished of our ride together being greated at the end by fellow riders Bob,Karey, Marshal, and Maddy who finished earlier in the day.

The day started of pretty early with it seemed like I was the last to wake. I heard the sounds of Miles matress being deflated which woke me up. I looked an it was 650 so little earlier then usual. Once up I kicked it in gear going through packing my stuff. The routine as always I now have a system dialed in where I pack my sleeping bag in the stuff sack next sleeping bag liner an pillow in it an squish it as small as possible. I then stretch a bit still inside my tent while packing my sleeping pad away squeezing all the air out an rolling up to fit in it sleeve. From that point I have all my cloths in a ball in a corner of the tent then pack my headlight into the bag that clips onto my handle bar bag. Usually in the mix of stuffing things away Ill change from sleeping cloths to riding cloths sometimes if its chilly Ill manage to change all bundled up under my sleeping bag. My main goal with packing sleep stuff in the tent is if its raining ut all stays dry without issues. I then take my big yellow dry bag from my vestibule an pack my sleeping bag, matress then stuff my cloths inbetween packing int tight. The one bag that I stuff it all in mounts to the back rack an doesn’t come off untill the tent is set up. Once the bag is packed I usually rush out to pee cause I woke up for that reason.

Once I got out of my tent everyone was makeing breakfast an finishing up packing it looked so I followed in suit as well to get ready to rock out the day. Everyone was in good spirits an excited to get moving. John last night decided to go down a few miles to a guy that host bikers so we planned to leave at 9 with him and Jâoa. Jâoa didnt feel like setting his tent up so cowboy camped on the local basketball court which was one of the few dry spots on the ground. Our tents were all next to the court so when I woke at 3 or so to pee it was funny to see just a random guy sleeping underneath the basketball hoop. I could imagine him just haveing dreams of playing basketball all night.

Once finally ready to ride we were the last of the groups to leave for the border. The ride was a pretty cool ride that seem to feel like it was a long 45 miles. I think at that point I was excited to be at the end as well as it was a very long an straight road heading towards the border. I did find it neat riding along the Hatchet Mountains an thinking about my Cdt hike in 2014 , it was blazin hot when I was hikeing compared to a brisk 55 60 degrees it was for a bit today. The desert here is pretty awesome an had some changes as we road. At one point it seemed we went through more of a prairie that was all grasses with no yucca or cacti around. I did learn there is a heard of bison that roam in southern New Mexico an into Mexico which is neat to think of. As we rode we were constantly under attack from the large grasshoppers. I think it was a last minute effort to make us put up the white flag an run for cover. The winds also picked up for a short while after we stopped for a lunch. Makeing a solid 8 to 10mph with some constant effort the only solution to get to the border in time for our shuttle.

The mountain sides are amazing, haveing crossed from the east side to the west side of the hatchet mountains it is a neat perspective as most mountains vary. The east had a slope that could be inviting for a motivated hiker, then the west side would take a mountaineer to traverse up the steep cliffs.

Once within 20miles the count down began with mile marker signs. A grueling countdown in a mental aspect creating a time loop on slow motion for me. Eventually once by the 3 mile marker you could see a building an antenna off in the distance. Baring that there is nothing around for at least 45 miles that was finally the border. Smiles were all around an it was beginning to hit us more that we were near the end. The four of us grouped back together an rode forward for the final stretch that seem to mix into a fast forward time loop.

We were greated an congratulated by the other riders once we got there. Everyone was excited an Modelo beers were passed around. Once beers were slammed we crossed over the border to get our passports stamped for Mexico.

Our shuttle guy Juan was waiting for us an it was a long drive to El Paso so we made it quick with pictures an said goodbye to Jâoa who was riding to Tucson Arizona to fly home.

A great an amazing trip it has been. Ive got to experience the divide from Jasper Canada, now down to Mexico seeing a vast span of terrain from Glacial fields, dense Canadian forest, Montana mountains an small towns, alpine forest, scenic railroads, crazy high desert an riding through the Red desert in Wyoming, epic rock formations in northern New Mexico to true chihuahua desert near the broder. We got to swim in many rivers an lakes along the way, see volcanic geysers in Yellowstone, sulfur springs all along the route, huge western larch trees, smoke from wild fires during the northern portion of the route, ride through valleys of haystacks, cacti of all types from little to large, tons of amazing wildflowers an the list is endless when it comes to terrains. For wildlife anything from Grizzlies, black bears, Elk an Moose, mule deer, white tail deer, squirrels of all kinds, tons of raptors an other birds from sandhill cranes to owls, crazy kangaroo mice in the red desert, wild horses roaming the land, badgers, skunks, porcupines, raccoons, bison through Yellowstone, butterflys an moths, spiders, rattlesnakes, beetles an giant millipedes. Ive tried to describe the trip as much as possible but the only way to truely understand is to get out an have an adventure yourself. I feel everyone should experience them in a way whether by bicycle, hiking, horse, motorcycle, car, plan, canoeing, kayaking, teleporting or any fantastic way, the world is an amazing place. I doubt I will ride the divide again there are to many other places to experience before I would come back it was amazing! I will come back to visit sections an it has opened my eyes up to other places to visit or places I would love to hike. Medicine bow area as it amazed me as well as I want to hike the Wind River Range, maybe do some trout fishing in Steamboat area or north of there an try to eventually do a Elk hunt here in New Mexico in the Gila National Forest. Jâoa opened my eyes up to travels in Portugal as well as recommended Tibet an the Himalayas.

To sum it up I would say it was well worth the time an sacrifice of time away from loved ones. The help and moral support from everyone was outstanding, from trail magic, to getting to visit my lovely lady in Colorado, to random acts of kindness of people buying dinners for us just by hearing about our trip. All the people that donated to my go fund me. Thankyou for everyone reading an share my blog an hope I possibly inspired you to get out an enjoy nature. From simply going for a walk to anything else!

10-13 Silver City to Hachita 76 miles

We got a early start today with motivation to beat the rain. Leaving Silver City the terrain changes over the next 50 miles going from somewhat high desert with larger trees an yukkka plants to straigt sandy desert with sage brush an litle cactus. It was a foggy morning riding for awhile then changed into light rain once on the dirt road.

John was riding with us today an plans to finish at the border with us tomorrow. Riding the dirt road was slow going for bits with wet sand an a few muddy spots we still made excellent time getting to Separ the town about 26 miles from Hachita. We got there an was greated by Bob an Karey as well as Jamie and his wife whom are the South African couple. They then shortly departed while we took an extended lunch with nachos with cheese, pop, an about half a bag of trail mix I crammed down.

Leaving the trading post in Separ it was another 7 mile strech of dirt road that was a frontage road along the highway. It was pretty awesome riding as well as all kinds of bugs. The grasshoppers are amazingly large about 2 to 3 inches big with cool orange stripes on them. After a bit of amazement with them I found some large millipedes that were amazing. I spent probably 5 or so minutes holding one that was the largest I seen. Millipedes are awesome little guys an love the way they walk.

After that littlw section we hoped on thw road that runs to Hachita an down to thw border. The weather was constantly moveing so we stopped a few times to let storms we could see pass by in front of us.

We finally made it to Hachita around 630 or so. We heard rumor that they were haveing the Hachita reunion at the community center where we planned to camp. Once we got there it was full of people an they had a bunch of food to eat they just asked for any donation. So for 10 bucks I had about 3 plates of food an a few pops super stoked. It is a very small town the band was playing mainly country music which the people qere loving an getring all kinds of crazy two step moves on so was fun to watch. There was a bunch of us cyclists there which was awesome being the night before everyone is finishing. The list was Miles, John, Jâoa, Marshal and Maddy, Max and Arthur, Bob and Karey, Jamie and his wife, a guy from Scotland we never met as well as two other girls. So a handfull of us which was neet to share stories an laughs.

Finally around 1030 went out an set my tent up to sleel as well as everyone else did the same. A great day it was riding an looking forward to finishing up tomorrow.

10-12 Silver City Rain Day

Today was a nice easy day with the weather being crappy we decided to have a day off. I slept in a bit which was nice then went down to get some breakfast, I had a bagel with peanutbutter an cream cheese , a hard boil egg, muffin an bumchnof coffee. Once all fueled up I started to try an figure the shuttle ride from he border an confirm it.

Next laundry, grocery store then bike shop to pick Miles bike up. He had to replace his bottom bracket.

We then headed back to the hotel an relaxed a bit then a late lunch.

Silver City is a pretty cool town to walk around. It has a old timey feel to it as well as alot of sweet art shops that I checked out.

We finished off the evening by packing up the bikes an ordering some pizza hut an I walked over to the brewery an piced us up a growler to share between Miles, John an I.

Over all a successful day off.

10-10 A Beautiful Day!

New Mexico is a handfull of everything!! Great weather, terrible weather, amazing terrain that invites you to stay an take it in to terrain that is harsh where you want to zoom by!!

Ive learned its best to take the experience of it all with the mix of weather it creates a challenge in which I can look back on an say yup that is hard but you can push harder an if the time comes.

The day started off super frosty but the sun staryed shining an it was glorious!

It got down to at least 20 degrees which is what I seen on my computer for my bike that I bring in my tent. My feet were getting cold so sleep was off an on as well as had to pee a few times. I dont mind getting up at night it always gives me a chance to take in the stars out here as well as my eyes are adjusted from being closed so the stars stand out like little flashlights. Last night was a great star night with the background of the canyon an mountains around us its a priceless view that only few people get to experience. When I first unzipped my tent it was frosty frosty frosty. A thick layer of ice an frost shined over everything almost makeing it like a Christmas morning you wish for. It was slow going with the cold an packing we gave it time for stuff to dry so got on the road around 1030.

The beginning of the day braught us through the last section of the plains that slowly began to narrow into cantons with big bolders an hoodoos here an there.

John and Jâoa was riding with us again today. We did get seperated a little bit here an there once while stopping for lunch. Thinking of lunch we stopped at the Beaverhead Forest workcenter to fill up water an take a break. Once getting there they have a pop machine outside an nobody is there. So me being super excited got my quarters out an put $1.25 an no go! dam thing ate my money an wouldn’t return it so sad! Come to find out this pop machine has been notorious for stealing peoples money. Miles said he read about it on Facebook an blogs. The spot is one of the few spots to get water for 40miles so everyone riding usually stops there.

After lunch we began to climb into another pine forested area. The trees are amazing as are the views per usual.

We seen our first good size lake today in New Mexico, that also was the bigging of a section of the Gilla River. The lake is wall lake with a stone cliff as a backdrop to it for a good distance, ducks an cows were enjoying the water az the sun was shining.

As the day progressed a few people that we have seen before passed by, Bob and Carry the couple from Lake Tahoe, also two new people a couple from Salt Lake Marshal and Maddy which look like they could be in there 20s. Both couples being pretty quick zipped by us with little effort.

With the late start today an big climbs an plenty of breaks it made for low mileage today. We decided to camp at Upper Black Canyon which is at the bottom of a large decent. About 1000ft or so before the camp area I took my first good spill being thrown over the bars an cracking the back of my helmet. Lucky only minor scraps on my right side, leg, hip elbow an figure. Im a huge fan of helmets an have been saved by them many of times this time for sure when flipped over my head smacked straight to the ground I woukd for sure would of have a good cut if not for it, if not worse on my head. I took a few a minutes to get my bearings again as Miles an the other guys caught up. Lots of loose gravel an maybe going a little fast around the turn was the culprit. But no worries I feel great an nothing I havent done before.

Once to camp did the uaual chores set up tent then get tons of food in the stomach. The the two couples got to the campground well before us an made a fire so we went over there an warmed up an shared storiea of riding an different foods an camping areas.

A great day with perfect weather an great company again. We plan to get to Silver City tomorrow now which make abiut 58 miles an about 7000ft of climbing so it will be a late day.

10-9 57miles Crazzy Weather we are haveing!!!

A mix of all the weather together it seemed to be for the day!! It was a bit brisk this morning starting off a good warm 38degrees or so. We all got to packing up our gear an had some breakfast an off we went. It was pretty gloomy for awhile then the sun started to peak through the clouds.

All four of us rode together again today which was a good time.

I think Jâoa might push on ahead tommorow to make it to the border on Sunday instead of Monday since he needs to make a flight back home from Tucson. We rode through a forested area for about 10miles then it opened up to a huge prairie area. The route ran us along the outskirts of it along the base of the mountains which made for awesome views an with the weather changing constantly with little rain pockets an hail pockets swifting through the valley it was amazing. There was a point where the hail was coming down pretty hard an I could not help to smile an think this is adventure, experiencing all the elements sunny hot days, rain, hail, slushy rain, cold, an most of all that I find the toughest is the wind. The wind came be the greatest thing when ita on your back but switch it around an worst enemy it is.

While riding in the prairie we came across a house that had a sign for GDMBR riders an a metal tub. Inside was bags with snacks an water. All of us filled up a bottles an some snacks. It was a amazing surprise an reminds me how awesome some people are.

Once across the prairie we began to climb an ride through forested areas. we had not taken a lunch an it was around 2 so we were getting hungry. The rain was off an on as the hail so we finally found a semi decent spot along a rock wall that blocked it all for the time to eat some grub quickly.

Water is scarce in this section so had to filter out of a cow pond today. It was super muddy so clogged up the filter but taste an smells ok.

John and Jâoa had enough to dry camp so they did not have to grab some. Once filles with water it was near the end of the day. We had a sweet ride the next 10 miles or so that was gradually down hill.

About 4 more riding days left untill the border. We plan to have a day off in Silver City then following day ride the 78 miles to Hachita an 45 to the border. Im excited to being done with the ride. Its been amazing but I do miss being home with Claudia an our doggo Raymond.

10-8. Pie Town to Vallet Tio Vinces Campground 30miles

We had a late start from Pie town today which was good after cold an wet ride in last night. The morning was spent getting some food in me stomach then started to clean up the bike a bit from all the sand stuck on it. John manage to make it into Pie Town last night with a late arrival pushing through the freezing rain , hail, an soggy sand.

As we ate breakfast an cleaned bikes we got a weather forcast that looked relatively clear so decided to move on for another 30miles today. John, Jâoa, Miles an I all rode together today. It was fun mixing it up an chatting again with Jâoa , and John today.

As we left Pie town the temps were chilly in the 40s then got a little warmer around 60 an back down. It was a day of layers on an off an on, mixed with a few sprikles here an there. The sun did manage to peak out on occasion to warm us up which made for a treat. The road was a mix of compacted sande an gravel to dirt with a sluggish grab to it. We started to get back in the mountains as well today slowly entering into forest an finishing off the day camping under some large Ponderosa Pines which are the dominant pine around here. After it rains here everything smells amazing a mix of pines an sage makes the senses fully awakened.

I seen a new flower today which was very cool. A single white flower maybe about 3 or so inches in diameter protected by a fortress of spikey green leaves attacking anything that came near.

Water in the next section is kind of scarce so carring plenty of water as well as food for the next 4 days.

I was making a bagel sandwich for lunch today. Jâoa happened to notice how fantastically large it was an said he could make 10 sandwiches out of it which made me laugh pretty good. He also asked if I normally eat that much which I found funny as well as replied only when Im cycling or backpacking.

Also another great thing happened both John an Jâoa tried some peanutbutter today an loved it. They were like what have I been missing all this time. Europe doesnt have peanutbutter as well as many other countries. Supposedly there not huge fans of the texture of it. But for cyclists its amazing calories an for the price of a jar you get about 3000calories to spread all over anything you want to eat.

Once at camp we here a few elk bugles which is always a treat. Next we all had some dinner. Ive moved onto eating some Knorr meals an have beem pretty good. I picked two of them for 3bucks so a smidge more then staple ramens but were a good change. The next few days will be ramen though. John recieved a mre of a hunter at some point so was able to enjoy a warm meal with us this evening. A great day it was feel good with haveing a shorter day today an still makeing some progress.